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“I have no sense of self. I have no personality, no brilliant color. I have nothing to offer. That’s always been my problem. I feel like an empty vessel. I have a shape, I guess, as a container, but there’s nothing inside.”…”Let’s say you are an empty vessel. So what? What’s wrong with that?” Eri said. “You’re still a wonderful, attractive vessel. And really, does anybody know who they are? So why not be a completely beautiful vessel? The kind people feel good about, the kind people want to entrust with precious belongings.”

—   Haruki Murakami - Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (via murakamistuff)

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Lost & Found by: Alexis Coram


Lost & Found by: Alexis Coram

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“Вы можете построить стены до небес, но я найду способ перелететь через них. Сотни тысяч рук могут прижимать меня к земле, но я найду способ высвободиться. И нас здесь много. Больше, чем вы думаете. Людей, которые продолжают верить и отказываются возвращаться на землю. Мы верим в мир без стен, мы любим до ненависти, до самоотречения, мы не оставляем надежды и не знаем страха”

—   Лорен Оливер “Реквием” (via katemeow19)

“Сносите стены.
В конце концов, именно в этом суть. Вы не знаете, что произойдёт, если вы снесёте стену. Вы не можете заглянуть через неё, не можете узнать, что это принесёт - свободу или гибель, развязку или хаос. Это может быть рай, а может - крушение.
Сносите стены.
Иначе вам придётся жить в тесноте, в страхе, возводя баррикады против неизведанного, вознося молитвы против тьмы, читая стихи страха и напряжённости.
Иначе вы никогда не познаете ада - но никогда и не обретёте царствие небесное. Вы никогда не вдохнёте свежего воздуха и не изведаете полёта.
Все вы, где бы вы ни были - в ваших великолепных городах и захолустных городишках. Ищите, где твёрдо, найдите звенья металла и щель, обломки камня, заполняющие ваш желудок. И тяните, тяните, тяните.

—   "Реквием" Лорен Оливер


I am a ridiculous man.

He is great man!

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“Туннели могут бесконечно долго извиваться в темноте, но ты должен идти.”

—   "Пандемониум" Лорен Оливер

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You’re single because you’re single. It’s not because you texted too much or too little or waited 33 minutes to respond because he took 23. It’s not because you met up with your ex that night at 5 a.m. that no one knows about, or because you kissed another boy after a date with a loser.

You’re not single because you spit food on that date or tripped coming out the the movie theatre. You’re not single because you hurt your first boyfriend really badly when you were 15 or because you have yet, to this day, to apologize. It’s not because you were secretly jealous when your friend got a boyfriend or that a guy you dated for two months now has a really cute girlfriend and looks really happy. And you’re happy for him. But still ill that he found someone before you.

You’re not single because you slept with your ex boyfriend. You’re not single because half the world found out when you didn’t even want to remember it yourself. You’re not single because you think the guy your friend wants to hook you up with is ugly or not tall enough. It’s not because you’re not willing to put up with someone who doesn’t brush their teeth on a regular basis.

You’re not single because your standards are too high. Good for you for having standards. It’s not because you didn’t like that really, really good guy who wanted to take you on a date and you just weren’t feeling it. And it’s not because you like to wear pajama pants as soon as you get home and wash all the makeup off your face. You’re not single because you didn’t learn enough from the past or would rather chill on a Friday night with your blanket and a cold beer than shower, get ready, and go out. You’re not single because something is wrong with you.

You are single because you are single. It’s really as simple as that. You haven’t made the connection with another heart yet. You can get dolled up, dress cute, cut your hair, dye your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, put on lipstick and you may still. be. single. You can go out to a bar hoping to meet the love of your life and not find a damn one in the place attractive. And it’s going to remain that way until it’s time for you to find one. Stop hoping for it. Start living the life that you do have instead of wishing for things that you don’t have. There will come a time you’ll meet a boy and you’ll have to give up some of this single freedom you currently have. Start being more thankful. Start doing that now.


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This is so relatable holy fuck

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“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy, too.”

—   Yogi Bhajan (via flowerbrain)

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“Sometimes when you meet someone, there’s a click. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I believe in that click.”

—   Ann Aguirre, Blue Diablo (via fuckinq)

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This makes me so happy

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